1. Looking Back Day 68 Sleeping Booby

    Bird behaviour today. And a short post as it’s getting really late after having spent most of the evening editing and uploading an instructional film for Quilts by Jen.

    You might think this red footed booby is just leaning over. Well, it is, but there is a mighty fine reason for it.

    It’s hot. Crazy, stinking hot. And the Booby has figured out that resting/sleeping with his head hanging down low keeps him cool. Really. Getting hot out, don’t feel like flying and feeding. Hang your head. Cool off.

    Not sure that works for us though.

    Interestingly, the magnificent frigatebirds do the same thing when its hot.

    So, yeah. Just chillin’. 

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    How on earth does it perch with those feet?
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