1. Looking Back Day 66 Red Footed Booby Chicks

    Aren’t they adorable? I just want to pick them up and cuddle them. All soft and fuzzy. Cuter than chicken chicks, for sure.

    And once again, it bears stating, you don’t need a bazooka lens to photograph these guys. They are happy to stand there and pose. Let you get nice and close. Well, as close as the trail and the guides allow, anyway.

    Earlier explorers feasted on boobies because they were so easy to catch. Walk up and grab them. Dinner served. Having visited the Galapagos in modern times, ravaged by early explores and feral pests (rats, goats, etc) I can’t even begin to image the scene which greeted the early arrivals. Must have been awe-inspiring, though I wonder if they had much appreciation for how special it was beyond simply a place to load up the holds with giant tortoise.

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